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Writing and Social App with ReactJS

Project Date: May 2020

For my first real taste of using ReactJS I managed to create modern and featured Single Page Application.… Learn more

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Writing and Social App built with Full-stack Javascript

Project Date: April 2020

This project from the Full-stack Javascript course created a featured Writing and Social App for mobile and desktop.… Learn more

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Simple Javascript Todo App

Project Date: March 2020

This was my first attempt at a Full Stack Javascript Todo List application as part of the Full-stack… Learn more

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My University Application

Project Date: September 2019

Another project built from the complete ruby on rails developer course. This is an example application of a… Learn more

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Message Me Application

Project Date: May 2019

This is the latest project built from the complete ruby on rails developer course. It is a Messaging… Learn more

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Blogging Application

Project Date: April 2019

This is a first application made from the complete ruby on rails developer course. It is a blogging… Learn more

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Recipe Sharing App

Project Date: February 2019

Recipe sharing application written in Ruby on Rails and deployed on the Heroku platform. The application allows for… Learn more

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TODO List app

Project Date: January 2019

A functional application that can create, show, modify and delete simple TODO list items. Written in the Ruby… Learn more

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Shay Howe Frond End Basics – Mobile Friendly Conversion

Project Date: September 2018

A beginners online course on Front End Web Development by Shay Howe walks you through the basics of… Learn more

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Fictional University Site

Project Date: December 2017

A Fictional University Wordpress Theme. A fully functional site that covers a wide range of features, including custom… Learn more

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