Writing and Social App built with Full-stack Javascript

Project Date: April 2020, in Course: Learn Javascript: Full-Stack from Scratch

This project from the Full-stack Javascript course created a featured Writing and Social App for mobile and desktop. It certainly was a lot of fun to build and explored the implementation of a number modern web application features.

Project Details

As per the Todo list introductory project I first worked on, the project uses Node.js in combination with Express for the web server. The database used is the MongoDB database – and this is currently hosted on Atlas. The frontend uses Bootstrap and custom CSS for styling. The HTML is served up to the frontend via EJS templates with Express. The frontend uses the Axois package for communication to the server over the various routes. The whole application follows the MVC framework of development.

Some of the things learnt in the development of this application include:

The development process made use of “nodemon” for monitoring local JS changes and “webpack” for building and bundling JS. Running the local server by simple “npm run watch” command.

Application Features

This application has a number of cool features and is built to be relatively easy to scale. Here is a list of features:

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