Message Me Application

Messaging App built on Rails using Action Cable

Project Date: May 2019, in Course: The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

This is the latest project built from the complete ruby on rails developer course. It is a Messaging application built in Ruby on Rails 5 making use of the Action Cable functionality to provide real-time message display for all logged in users.

The app makes use of the Semantic UI framework for styling. This is nice modern interface, easy to implement and keep mobile friendly.

My local development environment used Ubuntu for Windows and used GitHub for source (as usual).

Once again I have made use of TDD (Test Driven Development) in building this application, and have a series of tests setup for the project. I believe my re-useable tests cover almost all of the functionality of the site.

Using Action Cable worked fine in my local development environment. I had to make a few changes to get this deployed onto Heroku for production use. Firstly, you need to make sure you use PostGreSQL (pg) for your database – not sqlite. Needed to add the “redis” gem for Heroku production.

Features of the site include:

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