Blogging Application

A blogging site built with Ruby on Rails and styled using Bootstrap 4

Project Date: April 2019, in Course: The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

This is a first application made from the complete ruby on rails developer course. It is a blogging site called Alpha Blog. The course uses Rails 4 and styling in Bootstrap 3. I decided to challenge myself to style the site using Bootstrap 4 and use the latest Rails version 5.2.2 and Ruby version 2.6. By using Bootstrap 4, the site is fully Mobile responsive.

My development process on this project focused around (semi) TDD.  This meant that some of the time I built tests prior to adding the functionality. Somes I built the tests just after completing the functionality. I have built tests for all functionality of the site.

Features of the site include:

  • Articles (Title and Description)
  • Categories (associated with the Article)
  • User Authentication and maintenance (Users associated with each Article)
  • User Session management – Login and Logout. Signup new users ability.
  • Admin user privelages (ability to modify other users and articles)
  • CRUD operations for all features.

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