My University Application

Ruby on Rails application built with MaterializeCSS framework

Project Date: September 2019, in Course: The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

Another project built from the complete ruby on rails developer course. This is an example application of a University Website. It is built with the Ruby on Rails application framework and makes use of the MaterializeCSS frontend framework. This frontend framework works very nicely for maintaining a mobile responsive site.

I have found this UI framework to be very clean and relatively easy to build. Once again I have kept using my Ubuntu for Windows local development environment; however I have recently switched over from using Sublime Text as my editor to Visual Code. I am finding Visual Code to be very clean and easy to use. It works very well with Git, making changes easy to see. Source code highlighting also works well. I have launched this application on the Heroku hosted platform.

At the time of writing this I have built some basic features into the application which include the following:

This has been quite fun to build and it helps to establish my knowledge of Ruby on Rails development. I have continued my mindset of TDD while building this application. Each feature built has various tests added as required.

I hope to continue to add functionality to this application and build further on my Ruby on Rails development knowledge.

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