A framework the came from Twitter!

A front-end framework that came out from the developers of Twitter. It is HTML and CSS based. It can be used to keep consistency in look and feel, and allows for screen responsiveness. It contains buttons, forms, navigation and typography. There is also some Javascript extensions.

Bootstrap Project(s)

Writing and Social App with ReactJS
For my first real taste of using ReactJS I managed to create modern and featured Single Page Application.… Read more

Writing and Social App built with Full-stack Javascript
This project from the Full-stack Javascript course created a featured Writing and Social App for mobile and desktop.… Read more

Simple Javascript Todo App
This was my first attempt at a Full Stack Javascript Todo List application as part of the Full-stack… Read more

Blogging Application
This is a first application made from the complete ruby on rails developer course. It is a blogging… Read more

Recipe Sharing App
Recipe sharing application written in Ruby on Rails and deployed on the Heroku platform. The application allows for… Read more

TODO List app
A functional application that can create, show, modify and delete simple TODO list items. Written in the Ruby… Read more

Sample App Landing Page
Bootstrap App Landing Page Example that is fully mobile responsive. A example of a App Landing Page using… Read more

Weather Forecaster
A current weather forecaster using PHP and simple API call (open weather). Simple UI styling using Bootstrap 4.… Read more

Secret Diary
A mini application to allow users to create accounts, login, and update a diary (text) entry. The backend… Read more

Weather Scraper
A weather reporter that scrapes the information using PHP from a weather site. The frontend is presented using… Read more

Contact Form
An Example "Contact Us" form using PHP with a Bootstrap frontend. The code has both PHP AND Javascript… Read more

Prime Number Calculator
A Prime Number Calculator using PHP. Returns all the factors when number is NOT prime. Calculation is performed… Read more

Bootstrap Basics
Bootstrap Basic Examples. A page with various Bootstrap layout examples, including the following: Navigation Bar (navbar) Grid system… Read more

Postcode Finder
A postcode or zipcode finder using any address in the world. Uses Google's Address API. The very simple… Read more