Webpack is a module bundler for Web development.

It can be used to bundle use source files for creating efficient development workflows.

It is also used for bundling files ready for a production distribution.

Webpack Project(s)

Writing and Social App with ReactJS
For my first real taste of using ReactJS I managed to create modern and featured Single Page Application.… Read more

Writing and Social App built with Full-stack Javascript
This project from the Full-stack Javascript course created a featured Writing and Social App for mobile and desktop.… Read more

Simple Javascript Todo App
This was my first attempt at a Full Stack Javascript Todo List application as part of the Full-stack… Read more

Fictional University Site
A Fictional University Wordpress Theme. A fully functional site that covers a wide range of features, including custom… Read more

Travel Site
This project involved building a Landing Page for a Travel Site. It was built with a Mobile-First philosophy,… Read more