JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based, multi-paradigm, and interpreted programming language. Used in combination with HTML and CSS it drives most of the worlds web pages and web applications.

Javascript Project(s)

Writing and Social App with ReactJS
For my first real taste of using ReactJS I managed to create modern and featured Single Page Application.… Read more

Writing and Social App built with Full-stack Javascript
This project from the Full-stack Javascript course created a featured Writing and Social App for mobile and desktop.… Read more

Simple Javascript Todo App
This was my first attempt at a Full Stack Javascript Todo List application as part of the Full-stack… Read more

Recipe Sharing App
Recipe sharing application written in Ruby on Rails and deployed on the Heroku platform. The application allows for… Read more

Shay Howe Frond End Basics – Mobile Friendly Conversion
A beginners online course on Front End Web Development by Shay Howe walks you through the basics of… Read more

Fictional University Site
A Fictional University Wordpress Theme. A fully functional site that covers a wide range of features, including custom… Read more

Reaction Test Game
Reaction Tester Game written with Javascript. It is browser game that display random size shapes (circles and squares),… Read more

Analog Clock
A real time clock (based on Melbourne local time) using HTML5 and CSS3 canvas commands. Javascript is used… Read more

Mobile App Widget Demo
A basic structure of a Mobile App using a Javascript library called App.js. See also my other project Basic… Read more

Basic Geo-Location Example
Basic Geo Location example using Google API Find your current location and display it Searching for Country based… Read more

Secret Diary
A mini application to allow users to create accounts, login, and update a diary (text) entry. The backend… Read more

A basic codeplayer for coding HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Output is automatically updated as code is entered! The… Read more

How Many Fingers?
A basic game of guess how many fingers I am holding up. This is written in Javscript. It… Read more

Javascript Basics
Javascript basics. You should have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS styling before trying to understand this… Read more

Travel Site
This project involved building a Landing Page for a Travel Site. It was built with a Mobile-First philosophy,… Read more

Postcode Finder
A postcode or zipcode finder using any address in the world. Uses Google's Address API. The very simple… Read more