Travel Site

A Mobile-First, Fully Responsive, and Modern website

Project Date: March 2017, in Course: Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow

This project involved building a Landing Page for a Travel Site. It was built with a Mobile-First philosophy, and hence the site is fully responsive. The site has a different look and feel for various different screen sizes. ie. Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. The site features smooth scrolling, animations, navigation and menus.

Fundamentally the site is Front-end only – so it is built with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. However, the site was built using a modern development workflow, taking advantage of NPM, Webpack and PostCSS. The site is hosted on Netlify and has an example use of a “cloud function” – scroll down to bottom of site page to the “Secret Client Area” – the correct password for this form is “secretpassword“- click on the LAUNCH button below.

Checkout the course link for more information.


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