Yoast SEO Initial setup

Yoast SEO Plugin

As another exercise in learning, I have installed and started the initial setup of the Yoast SEO plugin. Purely by installing this Yoast you will improve your sites search engine visibility.

From there I have been reading about improving the readability of posts and pages, and the correct text structure. This is apparently all very important for good SEO. Most of this information I have been reading through the Yoast website, such as Clear Text StructureYoast SEO

Google Tools

I have also run through a setup of the Google Search Console , but I still haven’t uploaded a sitemap, which apparently helps google to crawl and index your site.

I would still like to read and learn some more on Google Analytics, and perhaps take a read through Googles Search Quality Guidelines, but I am not sure where you should stop! There seems to be so much. All this is to give me some knowledge to eventually help a real friend/customer/business with their website.