Full-stack Javascript

Server side development with Node.js and Express and well structured Frontend JS

I recently extended my Javascript knowledge by completing a Full-stack Javascript course. This was another Udemy course by my favorite instructor Brad Schiff. Doing this course gives you full exposure to both the Front-end browser based Javascript, along with Server side Javascript using Node-js with Express.

The course has a focus on understanding the Javascript language itself and its application for both the frontend and the backend server. I also learnt the MongoDB database environment and how to control it via Javascript. Some of the things I learned include:

Other areas of learning (non-specific to Javascript) include the following:

Project Work

Of course the best way to learn is by doing. I produced 2 projects from this Full-stack Javascript course (both showcased on Heroku, with source on GitHub):

Once again, these projects were very enjoyable. I would love to have the time expand on the Writing application a little more. It would be great to include more features such as searching for users, and administration privileges for site management, etc.