Beginners Front End Web Development

Extended a basic front-end development course to be mobile friendly

As part of a Ruby on Rails course I am doing on Udemy it was suggested to brush on your front end web development skills. The course suggested a beginners front end web development course created by Shay Howe called “Learn to Code HTML & CSS“. This course runs through the basics of HTML and CSS for front-end development and includes positioning content, the box model, backgrounds and typography. It is a great little course that a beginner could complete in a few hours.

As an extended exercise, I decided to take the opportunity of applying my existing knowledge in web development frameworks and mobile-first development to this particular course. My main goal was to convert the existing course website into a mobile responsive site. This was a great learning exercise, but took quite a bit longer than I anticipated. I took the following steps to achieve the end result:

You can compare the course website at Shay Howe – Style Conference and my mobile friendly version at Shay Howe – Style Conference – Mobile friendly

Check out further details on this project (including access to my source repo) here.