jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML for web pages and applications.

jQuery Project(s)

Shay Howe Frond End Basics – Mobile Friendly Conversion
A beginners online course on Front End Web Development by Shay Howe walks you through the basics of… Read more

Email App for Mobile
A very basic email application designed specifically for MOBILE. It can only be used for Sending emails ONLY.… Read more

Basic Geo-Location Example
Basic Geo Location example using Google API Find your current location and display it Searching for Country based… Read more

Secret Diary
A mini application to allow users to create accounts, login, and update a diary (text) entry. The backend… Read more

jQuery Basics
Showcase some basic uses of jQuery javascript code, along with a few examples of jQueryUI usage. Examples included… Read more

Postcode Finder
A postcode or zipcode finder using any address in the world. Uses Google's Address API. The very simple… Read more